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Sep. 29th, 2013

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Dream about the beach, glasses, Hagrid of Harry Potter and random stuff.

Dreamed Justin Timberlake appeared behind me then walked off. Also, there was a NSync concert.

Mom had me clean some dirty towels, in exchange for something. Unfortunately, my glasses broke just by falling apart in hand. My mind said that they broke because I stepped on them, but that was untrue. However, Mom and Ah-ee-you (a kpop singer) probably thought I stepped on them, even though my mind tried to explain that I didn't step on them.

I dreamed Mom, Dad, and I were at the beach, somewhere in America, and it seemed like some baseball players were arriving. Since there were many people gathering, us three headed off to someplace else. Then we were at an ice cream shop.

Apparently, the coast started flooding, and I was adamant about escaping.

Also, Dad had some sort of female business rival.

I dreamed I got into a car with Hagrid (from Harry Potter), Da. H., and some random other person. Da. H., was riding shotgun. Anyhow, Da. H. was talking about magic stuff, and Hagrid was getting impressed. I noted jokingly that Da. H. was turning into Hagrid's favorite. I was also eating jolly ranchers.

Sep. 28th, 2013

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Really brief dream description.

I dreamed I peed, only to wake up and need to pee. Nothing else recalled.

Sep. 27th, 2013

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Dream about supermarket area, injured guy in bed, and world news.

Dreamed there was this floor that looked like a supermarket area.

Also dreamed there was an injured guy in a bed, and he asked H (oraboni) what Korean girl's bodies were like. I replied that I was a Korean girl.

Later, the guy in the hospital bed was a different person. He was mentioning military action and a pledge related to (possibly) Syria. He noted that Australia hadn't signed. I noted to him that I didn't watch/pay attention to world news much.

Sep. 25th, 2013

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Dreams about structures, movie, and loonybin guy.

I dreamed I was sitting on a structure, but it was wobbly. There were also two others on it. I moved to a lower platform and looked at the foundation of the upper platform and noticed a big crack. I then invited the two others, while knocking on the lower platform's foundation, nothing that it as rock solid.

Dreamed that Mom, Dad, and I were at a movie screening, but only they had tickets, so we left for home/hotel.

When we reached our place, we met this loonybin Korean man who wanted to stab, possibly kill me to ironically "help" me. Was able to get him taken away without being hurt, and noted that it wasn't really his fault, since he was mentally disturbed.

Then noticed the floor was covered in what looked like brown pellets, so I started to sweep.

Also dreamed that H (oraboni) appeared. Apparently, for all that time he was supposedly dead, he had been hiding out. Me, Mom, and Dad were especially thrilled.

Sep. 24th, 2013

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Dreams about random mundane stuff, like dog and mirror.

Dreamed there was a boy and his dog (or was it me and my dog?), and was contemplating how the dog had protected self many times.

Eventually, was mentioning that he/I could count on the dog could protect no matter what, but became unsure.

Then I dreamed I climbed to the top of a shelf, but didn't know how to get down.

Dreamed that some guy set things up so that several red balls would hit a target. After the balls were launched, suddenly, we were given some Chemistry assignment.

I also dreamed I was dancing in front of a mirror, and a lady was laughing at me.

Dreamed there was a race, and I used a fast mode of transportation.

Sep. 23rd, 2013

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Random dream about plane, Cats & Dogs, and a grim reaper.

Dreamed I was on a plane, and there was a Cats & Dogs movie or something.

The plane started to veer down, and then went back up.

Then, some lady gave me some glow stick.

There was a grim reaper, and some girl singing about someone she liked/loved.

Sep. 22nd, 2013

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Dream about McDonald's food, like a huge amount.

I dreamed I was eating McDonald's, while others were waiting. Eventually, a few people brought in like a boat-ful of McDonald's food. I was digging in, but then started thinking embarrassing, racist thoughts that began to ruin the moment.

Sep. 21st, 2013

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Dream I woke up to Saturday, September 21st, 2013. A bit of Matrix and Keanu Reeves.

I dreamed I was doing something like an obstacle course based off the movie Matrix. Lawrence Fishbourne (Morpheus), Keanu Reeves (Neo), and some other guy, and I, were playing around until a fixture that had a rope hung from it fell.

Then, Keanu Reeves opened a piano and started playing. I kind wanted to talk to him, but my mind began saying vagrant thoughts, so I felt embarrassed. Then woke up.

Sep. 20th, 2013

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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Final Remix and other stuff going on...(Chuseok time)

Well, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV) was released on the 17th of September, and garnered 800 million dollars in its first day alone. Apparently, the company Rockstar is predicting at least a billion dollars in sales in the first month alone.

At the time, the webs seem slow and quiet. It's probably caused by gamers working on GTAV. Feels like a cultural phenomenon at the moment.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5 came out on the 10th, and I got it a little bit afterwards, having pre-ordered it beforehand. (Time usually takes for an item to be shipped). The game is fun and intuitive. It's important to explore everything and try everything out to be able to proceed with the storyline and playthrough.

Anyhow, Chuseok was just celebrated yesterday on the 19th, but the holiday for most started on Wednesday the 18th, lasting all the way until next Monday the 23rd. So many people migrate to visit their relatives, that the neighborhood where I live is incredibly vacated and quiet (like the net is over the matter of GTAV).

Have been watching some movies I bought from movie.naver.com . (I'd have to add that I already watched these ones a long time ago, but felt compelled to get them considering the deal). Purchased Wonderful Days, Battle Royale, and Battle Royale 2 for 1,000W each (like 95 cents USD each).

Battle Royale was spectacular, as expected, but its mature content matter (it's rated 18+ by Korean standards) will probably warrant it as a movie I'll rarely watch.

Battle Royale 2 was ridiculous in many parts, but its content is rated as less mature (it's for 15+ by Korean standards) will warrant it as a movie I'll watch probably many more times. Watching BR2 gave me the same vibe I was getting from watching the Resident Evil movies. Lots of preposterous stuff (like the whole: "If one of the two of you in a couple dies, the other gets his/her head blown off by the necklace as well!"), but it's all in good fun. Case in point, BR2 just felt like something you'd sit down and watch a bunch just for fun.

Wonderful Days felt like a mature cartoon, with a bit of humor and darkness embedded. I expect myself to be able to listen to this movie over time like I do some others while I'm web-surfing.

As usual, have been having daily dreams, and dreamings. There are so many times when I'm about to embark on something interesting, only for me reminding myself that I'm a thought broadcaster (in dream!) and it ruining the whole setup. I guess even in my dreams, I can feel self-conscious.

I think that over time, I'll go back to cataloging my dreams, like I had many years ago. My in-real-life journal is full of them, but I tend to forget over time, and my handwriting becomes illegible.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and lotto night. Don't really expect to win, but it would be awesome to get just a few numbers. 3 numbers merits a 5$ reward, and 4 merits a 50$-ish reward (in Korean WON equivalent). One thing to note is, that whether I win anything or not, this buying a lotto ticket is a one-time thing.

Am still waiting for FFX/X-2 HD (Final Fantasy 10, 10-2 HD Remastered) to be announced for its US release. Apparently, it's coming to Japan sometime in December, but right now, no one knows when for the US version. It's not I'm incredibly stoked for it, but I know it'll be one of those games really worth getting. I'm rather more excited for FF13-3.

So, in FF13-3 Lightning Returns (Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13), many previous characters return. Also, the number of party members goes down to 1 (was 3 in the first FF13, and two in the second FF13). Apparently, there will be a time allotment for various activities, and something called "saving" certain characters. Whatever the game is like, I know for sure that this'll be the ONE PS3 game I will make sure to get without a doubt.

Things on mind right now: Finishing up Kingdom Hearts, and waiting for some other games to ship.

Dec. 31st, 2011

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I just finished Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

There's so much to the game that it's hard to all recollect at once.

+Good graphics for a PSP game. Nice detail done to the environments and character sprites.
+Good story, with lots of characterization, and endearing protagonists.
+Sound is top-notch. Though no voice acting for the dialogue, there are some things characters voice while in battle. Background music is also well-done, even with extra music played when nearing defeat in battle.
+Solid gameplay, with everything used well. The game also lets you restart a battle if you've lost, which can be especially useful if you don't want to backtrack all the way from the last save point.

-It can start off slow at the beginning.
-No dialogue voice acting.
-The last battling part of the game can be a pain!!! Still defeatable, but quite a nuisance.

Overall, my first estimate of this game is 9.5/10. The game was very thought-out, and made with good effort. I'm really hoping for the next of the series.

On a side-note, check out this post on madraine.tumblr.com
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