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Oct. 16th, 2011

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Recent dream stuff...Sunday evening recollection.

I dreamed about running from a gunman who was shooting at others and me. I only figured out that it was a setup when I realized the police weren't doing anything about it. Apparently, the guy was just shooting blanks. I remember feeling so embarrased, like I was a coward, before waking up.

Oct. 14th, 2011

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Shoujo manga.

Lately, I've been on a slight shoujo manga binge.

I really like The Wallflower (Odd girl Sunako) so far, and its style of main protagonist is very different from the regular.

NG Life I'm also in the midst of, and should be finishing soon. All the characters are endearing and there are a lot of humorous and cute moments.

I did some manga purchasing today, and I plan to be delving a bit into the first volume of Arakure (called Wild Ones in English). I have hopes for this particular series because of the summary I read from Mangaupdates.

Also, I tried the first volume of Peach Girl, and while I like the main leads, it doesn't really garner much interest personally.

Nana I'm also trying to read, but it can be a tedious read.

Arata Kangatari, I think I'm giving up on, or at least putting aside until I read other series first.

One of my latest purchases has been Sailor Moon volume 1, and I'm stoked for the next volume.

Anyhow, that's how it is now. My manga and manhwa collection is now more filled with newly bought volumes than used ones, so the quality of series has gone up.

Aug. 14th, 2011

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And now I wait.

I'm waiting for something, but I won't divulge just what until I finally get it.

Anyhow, I've been in the midst of Ragnarok Online and Persona 4, and they're both quite addicting. Persona 4, for its plot and characters. Ragnarok Online for the community and feautures. They should hold me over until I get that specific -thing- that I'm waiting for.

On another note, this summer sure has been rainy. Just last month (July), it rained at least 20 days. Even now, on an August Sunday, it's raining. I just hope that the fall season will be drier.

One last thing to remark on is the game Princess Maker 5. I think it's well-made, but I usually play it about 30 minutes or so a time, like once in awhile. I'm hoping that the content becomes more interesting when the character reaches puberty. I guess only those who have played the Princess Maker series would understand what I mean. Maybe I can find the series on the PSP...

Jun. 4th, 2011

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In the midst of Chrono Cross and Magna Carta: Tears of Blood.

Having finished Suikoden 5 and seen its endings, I'm now playing the two games mentioned above.'

So far:

Chrono Cross, I've played before, but I've started up a new file for it. The battle system in this one is superb, in that there's no such thing as mp (magic points). Instead, you can equip elements to each party member, and use them once per battle.

Magna Carta, I have not finished before. The battle system in this one is atrocious, but the game is playable enough to continue with. I'm currently in at least 15 hours of it, and I'm pretty sure I'm not halfway through. Still, this is one of those games that I'd rather play to its very end just for the purpose of having played it.

There's another game I'd like to play, but it hasn't arrived yet.
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May. 1st, 2011

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Finished Suikoden 3 and Suikoden 4.

Suikoden 3 I finally beat with all 108 Stars this previous Wednesday.

Beat Suikoden 4 with all 108 Stars last Monday.

I'd rate Suikoden 3 a 8.5/10. It had an interesting plot and many things to discover, like the ability to choose between 3 main characters.

Suikoden 4, I'd give a 7.5/10. It's a solid game, but weak compared to the other Suikoden games.
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Mar. 26th, 2011

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Just started up a new game of Suikoden 4.

My strategy guide arrived today, so I began playing Suikoden 4 with the intention of getting all 108 Stars.

Personally, having played this game once, I kinda like it. Yes, there are its faults, to which the game is ragged on for, but it's entertaining in its own ways...
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Mar. 11th, 2011

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Final Fantasy X-2 Videogame Log


Decided on going to the Farplane dungeon by route of Kilika. Once there, after a bit of traveling, I encountered an aeon called Shiva. Between her 14,800 HP, blizzaga, and diamond dust, she was a pretty simple battle. After her, a save point appeared in her place.

Trekked on and faced yet another boss battle: Mindy/Sandy/Cindy. The key to this difficult battle was taking out Mindy (9,788 HP), then Sandy (10,330 HP), and finally Cindy (12,240 HP). Some problems were the different attacks each aeon gave, like demi, or water spells. For defeating them, I got 2 Faerie Earring and a set of Crystal Gloves.

Encountered the last aeon to face, Anima, who had 36,000 HP. Use Rikku to steal a Fury Shock from it. Some problematic attacks it did were Oblivion, which would damage at least 700 HP to each party member in just one blast. It would also cast Pain on individuals. For beating it, I got a Tetra Band. I also got an Immortal Soul Garment Grid.

Went further, and encountered Leblanc, Ormi, and Lagos in a flowerbed area. Used Leblanc to purchase necessities, and continued in.

A miniature puzzle appeared, where you'd step on a musical button which would give you a code to input at the local piano gizmo. The first batch was So Mi* Re*, Do* Ti, La, So. The second was Fa Mi, Fa, So Do.

In this area with the musical buttons and pianos were very hard monsters. Some I'd have to flee from, because they'd either drain too much time/MP, or because they were too strong. I made sure, however, to take down the random Marlboros and wolves. It was kind of useful to have acessories to combat status effects, like especially Confusion. That one effect can cause a character to use any item from the inventory, or to strike at the other party members.

Anyhow, continued on in, and realized why getting those musical notes jogged down was so important. There was basically a mini-puzzle to step on each musical note at a time. It was important to try out each airlift first, then coordinating the lifts. After that, Nooj, who noted that Baralai was possessed by Shuyin.

The first of a series of end-game Boss Battles was Vegnagun's Tail, which was 34,200 HP. It was quite easy, but only the preliminary battle.

The next were its legs for 18,220 HP.

After that was where it got more difficult. Vegnagun had 33,040 HP, its Right Bulwark had 3000 HP, and its Left bulwark had 3,000 HP. I used Paine's Black Mage "Firaga" on all three points to take down the bulwarks first.

Right after Vegnagun the first was dispatched, went into a very difficult battle. The Right Redoubt was 2,500 HP, the Left Redoubt was 2,500 HP, and the main Vegnagun was 38,450. It was quite challenging considering that the Right and Left Redoubts could be revived after a few turns. Another main problem was that a lot of status effects could be casted on each party member, so I made sure to use Remedy potions on each character. I made sure to use Paine's Power and Armor Breaks, and also utilized Firaga from Paine's Black Mage Dressphere.

Once the boss was beaten, I expected to finally see the ending. Instead, I got yet another (though the last) battle, and this time with Shuyin!

Shuyin had 23,850 HP, but was no pushover. His one major attack, Terror of Zanarkand, would pound a character down to 0 HP. He also utilized Force Rain versus the entire party. His Spin Cut would be the last damaging of attacks, but still would chop down a bit of HP.

With Shuyin finally defeated, I got to watch the absolute end of this game.

In this playthrough, got 65% completed and saved New Game Plus data.


I can't believe I finished this game in such a short time. It's been less than a month since starting up a game of this.

One thing that's clear in my head right now is my memory of the very last battle boss, Shuyin. After defeating a whole string of bosses, finishing off Shuyin was quite gratifying. However, while battling him, I kept thinking to myself, "I HATE HIM!!!!!" Basically, if I had lost this particular battle, I'd have had to go through the ENTIRE string of bosses, yet again. Luckily, that wasn't the case and I was treated to the ending right after this.

No, I didn't get the perfect game ending (though I wish I did!!!! - To see Tidus...), but just completing this game felt satisfying somewhat.

One of my favorite characters is certainly Leblanc. She's really cute, and her obsession with Nooj is even cuter. I do hope they hook up.

As for Vidina, I learned that it means "Future" in Al Bhed. At first when it was mentioned, I was confused by the name choice.

On a final note, this game is corny at times, but cute. It's a much lighter-toned Final Fantasy, so my guess would be that some love it, some hate it. Me, I enjoyed it. It was fun.

Mar. 9th, 2011

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Final Fantasy X-2 Videogame Log

Log 11 -

Back at the Thunder Plains, I went through a mini-dungeon and found Cid, who seemed to be injured. Encountered a quite dangerous Machina Panzer that had 30,500 HP.

What made the Machina Panzer difficult was its 3 floating gizmos, who would cast random spells. It was also because of them that certain random spells/abilities were unusable by the party. First, I took them down one by one, and was able to cast the previously-disabled spells/abilities. Basically taking on the machina alone required that I survive its gatling gun (used on all party), and sorcery ray (big 600+ hit on each of whole party). After that, the episode was complete, and I got an Al Bhed Primer II.

Went into the Macalania Woods, and travelled to a path that had water, and then to a path near the entrance to Bevelle, talking to the NPCs that were there. Had an episode complete, and received a Ray of Hope Garment Grid.

Ported to Zanarkand, and received an episode complete right after entering. Talked to Maechen who revealed the history of Vegnagun.

From there, I decided to try going into the hole that would lead to the last mission (by basically talking with Brother onboard the ship). I tried landing in the Besaid hole, and upon the first enemy enounter, I realized I was very unlevelled. Because of that, I reset the game, and started back at the ship.

Took a detour to Mi'ien Highroad and did some grinding. I basically upped Paine's Black Mage abilities and worked on giving her more White Mage abilities as well. Yuna and Rikku's White Mage dresspheres were already maxxed, so I decided to up Paine's.

One thing I noticed was the Paine's Black Mage had an MP Absorb ability, so one strategy I concocted was: After a battle, go into party menu and use Paine's White Magic cure/cura on the party members, then in the next battle, have Paine using MP Absorb with her Black Mage dressphere. That would be one way to decrease the use of items and MP.

Called it a day for now. At this time, I'll probably do some more grinding, and then finally head towards the "last" mission of going into a hole....


The ENDING area! To think I've come so far in such a short time!!! I guess after this game, I'll go back to Magna Carta to finish.

This game has drained at least 31 hours of playtime so far...Not as much as some RPGs, but quite a solid bunch for one.

Also, I still think Brother's cute.

Mar. 8th, 2011

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Final Fantasy X-2 Videogame Log

Log 10 -

After the big concert, Maechen appears to talk of Lenne. The Leblanc heads also appear, and the bunch see through a commsphere.

Chapter 4 completes, and Chapter 5 begins.

There are hotspots in Besaid, Kilika, Luca, Mushroom Rock Road, Djose Temple, Guadosalam, Thunder Plains, Macalania Woods, Bikanel Desert, and Zanarkand.

I first went to Besaid and met Wakka, Lulu, and their newborn son. Went over to the pier, and talked to Beclem, who had a sphere to give to Wakka. Gave it to Wakka and he later named his son. Had an episode complete.

Went to Kilika and got a road block cleared through Yuna's authority. Also, Barthello was out, trying to get Dona's forgiveness.

Went to Mushroom Rock Road and met Elma and Lucil. Fought random battles and headed towards the lift, and encountered Yaibal, who spoke of preventing civil war. Got an episode complete.

Journeyed to Djose Temple and fought a machina made by Al Bheds. It had 18,324 HP, with strong attacks on the individual. Received an Al Bhed Primer XI for all the trouble.

Ported over to Guadosalam, and spoke with Tromell, who brought over some Macalania Woods creatures. Had an episode complete.

Lastly, went to the Thunder Plains to battle fiends at each lightning tower. At each tower were Rhyos with 4,360 HP. Opened chests along the way for items like White Ring, Blue Ring, and Red Ring.

At one point, there was a red cursor on the map. Headed there, and found a boss named Humbaba.

Humbaba, with 27,772 HP, was a ferocious battle. It would cast Thunaga on the entire party and attack with an Uppercut which would nearly kill off one person at a time. This battle required Phoenix Downs, Hi-Potions, and Ether to restore MP to the resident healer. Also, right when it died, it cast a heavy-hitting "Meteor" attack versus the party. For me, there was only 1 remaining party member by the end of the battle.

After defeating the Humbaba, got a Valiant Luster, and a new spot to enter.

Quit for today, but on my next playthough will be continuing the Thunder Plains segment.

Mar. 7th, 2011

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Final Fantasy X-2 Videogame Log

Log 9 -

Looked at Djose Temple and Macalania Travel Agency in the Commsphere and received Al Bhed Primers I and XIV.

Went off to Moonflow and got ported to the road leading there. Ran after Tobli, who was avoiding some debt collectors. Finally caught up to him after a lot of traveling and fiend random encounters, and he mentioned the Thunder Plains as a place for a concert. Received a Black Tobard Garment Grid.

Got to Thunder Plains and had a boss fiend problem in the local cave. Went through the cave beating the random encounter enemies, and decided to flee at the sight of those big warrior metal fiends.

Reached the boss of the Thunder Plains cave, and noticed it had at least 12,000 HP. It would attack with strong hits and Fire Breath. To defeat it, it took a few phoenix downs, hi-potions, healing from White Mage dressphere, and Power + Armor Breaks with the Warrior dressphere.

After dispatching the fiend, headed outside the cave and got back in the airship.

I then was able to view the BEST cutscene in this game: The 1000 Words song....Quite emotional and graphically splendid.

Called it a day.

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